The Process Itself Creates a Unique Identity for Each Piece

A few years ago I had this idea to make art with snap lines, used for marking straight lines in construction. I wanted to use this to make text backgrounds for my Instagram posts. While I was workshopping the snap line concept a chalk spill created something more beautiful than what I was attempting. I applied epoxy resin to seal the colors in place and fell in love with the outcome. 

Even when I've tried to make pieces that look the same, they're never the same. At first this was frustrating– until I perceived the metaphor playing out before me. That was how the EACH Pride Project was born

While the colors themselves can take familiar forms, it is physically impossible for any two creations to be exactly the same– no matter how hard I try.  So I stopped trying, and just let each one happen on its own. Even the simplest ones that share much in common are drastically different in their details. Which I feel is a vital part of the metaphor for our own individuality.

This process and its infinite outcomes spoke to me as an "artist" creating pieces to express the community of a pride flag. Every time I make one I end up with something that possesses its own individuality. That became the most special part for me. Each one is its own, the same way we are.


Dyed powders are placed on the canvas dry and arranged by various acts of motion on the whole canvas. Tilting, bumping, vibrations, and puffs of air act on the powder to form a unique design.

Epoxy Resin

Resin is applied with a sheet and consumes the powder as it settles onto the canvas. This is the most surprising part of the process because there is no way to predict the final outcome. The resin moves and flows, forms air pockets from the chalk, and it all bleeds together in its own way each time. This step always reminds me that some things are out of my hands and beyond my control. Life is full of motion and factors we can't control. But much like life, even when the outcome strays from the original vision: we're always left with something beautiful.

Because each design is first created with fine powders, and bound to the canvas by a liquid: it is impossible to alter any single detail without disturbing the whole design. It must become what it is through its own evolution as a whole. Each piece is the sum of a million tiny pieces, hundreds of little decisions, and forces beyond control. The beauty of who we are comes from many of the same things, and that's where I see the art in this process. 

Custom Order

The link below will take you to a page with options to inspire a completely new piece just for you. Ordering one is a great way to support my cause and be a part of the project. If you don't see an option that represents you, please just reach out, I would love to add more. 


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