What Brooke May Babble

I came out publicly as transgender in 2022, and promptly faced hostility in a shifting political climate– I was simply trying to advance my career as a home improvement professional. I didn't want to be caught in a political hale storm, none of us did. Despite my desire to live a quiet life, I found myself having to defend my existence and push back against societal misconceptions about transgender people. I created this site and page to amplify my existence and contribute to the chorus of voices advocating for respect and acceptance.


My experience is not unique. Transgender people just want to live regular lives and seek joy and prosperity, but society often denies us the luxury of peace. By sharing my story and advocating for myself, I hope to encourage others to do the same. I never intended to be an activist– especially not a blogger, but I believe that we must make our existence louder until people learn to listen to us. This page serves to show my experiences, centralize the points I've already made, and publicly reiterate my plea for respect. I've worked hard to make the world a better place for others and I cannot allow it to become worse for myself– much less those who have not yet begun to live openly. My fight is for them. I will stand in front of the closet door and hold it wide open until all of us are free to come out and live our lives authentically in peace and prosperity.

  Visit EACHpride Art Project Gallery

This movement blossomed out of an art project and the people who have supported me through it. This Gallery is the project itself. Many of these pieces belong to individuals who have given me their support as I grow my own platform and extend my reach. The owner of a piece can share a message to display with their item in this gallery, adding their voice to mine as this project grows. 


Custom order a piece of your own HERE or through the link at the bottom of the gallery page– share your support with this project, and add your colors and your own voice to this ongoing project.

My Career, and This Life

My history as skilled-trade professional shares a challenging relationship with my gender identity. Some may consider my gender identity as a vulnerability in my field– and they're not entirely wrong. I choose to hold this aspect of my life in front of me to fulfill my duty to my community as an advocate for progress and equality for transgender people. 

The Day I Crossed The Bay

I can pinpoint the moment when this chapter of my life began. There is one day I consider to be the lens I passed through that sharpened my focus into a burning hot point of blinding light.

Sometimes it feels like things that were always clear as the purpose turn out to only be the context. Where that leads is a matter of one's own perception of their capabilities. I don't feel like I've discovered yet, the full extent of my capabilities. The rest of what happened since I left San Francisco has been the pursuit of discovering the limit of what I am able to do.

Huntington Beach City Council Public Comment Address

In 2023 Huntington Beach city council proposed an ordinance to restrict the flags which can be flown or displayed on city property to government flags only.


This was the last of three meetings to vote the ordinance into effect, and the motion did carry. I was only one of many individuals who came to speak about the significance of government bodies choosing to fly the Pride Flag. 


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